Friday, July 16, 2010

press ZERO for blog START

make yourself comfortable and search through the following 122 pages of ill kontent that have been not made yet because i haven't done anything on this blog except now

let me introduce myself atleast for the time now - im a eastern european blogger who you can call king newflesh..real apologies for the name and a reference to a certain movie (first one to snatch that will get 11 ½ points)

i post mainly stuff, but some days i post actual content and stuff. upside u can see the most of what i like and what im going to post - pics n moosiks n ting..think there will be no content that has been thought about (serious..) and planned for. i try to make the posts as quick and cheap..excuse me, good and epic everytime......sometimes they may not be of the best kind tho

imma throw u up a lovely trak as the end of the beginning. make sure to click the zero button. youll see it.

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