Sunday, July 18, 2010


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Von D has just made an absolutely summery, lovely and most of all bassy mix in the form of a podcast for Big Up Magazine. This ones seriously mighty ppl, for all the Anti-Social crew lovers and people who like their easy, beautiful steps..(not that thing what sounds like 7,501 Transformers fighting a army of Skeletors with rocket launchers, although that sounds really beautiful too)

Nearly all has been sed about this thingy, all we need is a tracklist and the here they come. Highlighted trax are personal favorites as of now..Download & repost and make love to the sounds of Von that came out wrong

1 Von D Ft Phephe - Love Music (Forthcoming on Von D's Album on Argon)
2 Kromestar & Jay 5 - Bass 96 (dub)
3 Riskotheque & Marchmallow - I need ya (dub)
4 Nibe - On Off (Dj madd switchoff mix) (dub)
5 Dlx Ft Kemst - City of Cars (Von D remix) (Smog Cd)
6 Dj madd - Corner dance (dub)
7 501 - Higher ground (dub)
8 Silkie - Murky (dub)
9 Von D ft Phephe - You're The One (Forthcoming on Von D's Album on Argon)
10 501 - Ultraviolet (dub)
11 Cream - Coltrane Soul & Mohinda refix (dub)
12 Walsh & N Type - Fuse (dub)
13 Silkie - Bass Junkie (Forthcoming Deep Medi)
14 J-Kenzo - Hoods up (dub) (THE PERCUSSION ON THIS IS FUCKING INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
15 Malilone - Lions and pearls (forthcoming argon)
16 Mr Lager & Alex care - The Sea (dub)
17 Von D & Dj madd - Odyssey (Forthcoming Boka)
18 Von D ft Alyz Be - Push it (Forthcoming on Von D's Album on Argon)
19 Von D & Riskotheque - Like a Bird (Forthcoming Disfigured Dubz)
20 Von D - E Von (Forthcoming on Von D's Album on Argon)
21 J-Kenzo - Swarm 95 (dub)
22 Von D ft Phephe - Show me VIP (dub) (absolutely amazing piano on this tuna. WANT!)
23 Von D ft Moxy Phinx - Bouboudou (Forthcoming on Von D's Album on Argon)

Big Up Magazine Podcast 31 (Von D) by bigupmagazine


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